The Western Conference Championship Trophy is a Professional Inline Hockey Association trophy awarded to the Western Conference playoff champions. The Colorado Springs Thunder are the current holders of the trophy after winning the 2010 Western Conference playoffs.

List of Western Conference Trophy WinnersEdit

Total awards won
Wins Team
2 Colorado Springs Thunder
1 Littleton Fire
Southside Snipers
Phoenix Dragons
  • * Defunct team
  • ^ = Year clinched to lead years won
  • ¤ = Year clinched to lead years consecutively won
  • † = Eventual Founders Cup champions

Western Conference playoffs championsEdit

Season Winner Win #
2006 Littleton Fire 1
2007 Southside Snipers * 1
2008 Phoenix Dragons *† 1
2009 Colorado Springs Thunder1
2010 Colorado Springs Thunder ^¤† 2

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