The Walter Frazier Award is awarded to the Professional Inline Hockey Association is deemed the most valuable player in the Founders Cup Playoffs.


Shane Byrd was the winner of the first Walter Frazier Award at the conclusion of the 2002 PIHA season. There has been 8 different winners of the Walter Frazier Award, as no player has ever won the award twice. The winner of the award has always been a member of the Founders Cup winning team.

Walt Frazier Award winnersEdit

Season Winner Team
2009 CJ Yoder Colorado Springs Thunder
2008 Josh Laricchia Phoenix Dragons
2007 Rodney Millette Boston Roller Rats
2006 Joe D'Aloisio Philadelphia Growl
2005 Jason Kalish Philadelphia Growl
2004 Brian Yingling York Typhoon
2003 Geoff Finch York Typhoon
2002 Shane Byrd York Typhoon

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