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The Tour Mudcats are a professional roller hockey team from Pennsylvania, which competes in NARCh Pro tournament series and TORHS tournament series. They are arguably one of the best and most well-known inline hockey teams in the world.


2010 NARCh Finals, Defeated Mission Labeda Snipers 3-2, San Jose, California

2009 NARCh Finals, Defeated Mission Syndicate 2-1, Toronto, Canada

2009 NARCh West Coast WinterNationals, Defeated Pama Cyclones 7-1, San Jose, California

2008 TORHS Winter Trifecta, Defeated Pama Cyclones 9-4, Bethpage, NY

2006 TORHS WinterNationals, Defeated Pama Cyclones, PA

2005 NARCh Finals (Defeated KTEK) @ Germain Arena in Estero, FL

2003 NARCh WinterNationals (Defeated Mission DNA) @ Crystal Palace in Las Vegas, NV

2002 NARCh WinterNationals (Defeated Team Tour Labeda) @ Crystal Palace in Las Vegas, NV

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