The Rutgers Pre-Season Invitational is a multi-stage tournament, where collegiate inline hockey teams battle to win the round robin in order to advance to the next round and become the invitational champion. The first tournament was held in 2005, and it was decided that it would become an annual event to prepare for the first games of the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (ECRHA) season. Although the games are contested between ECRHA member schools, the games are exhibition and don't count against the teams overall records.

Invitational ChampionsEdit

Year Winning Team Score Runner-UpDateLocation
2005 Rutgers University (DI) 7-3 Shippensburg University (DII)September 24, 2005 Rahway,NJ
2006 Rutgers University (DI) 3-2 otHofstra University (DII)September 30, 2006Rahway,NJ

Invitational Teams by YearEdit

Year Teams
2005 Rutgers University (DI), Shippensburg University (DII), Hofstra University (DII), Temple University (DII)
2006 Rutgers University (DI), Shippensburg University (DII), Hofstra University (DII), West Chester University (DII), Vermont University (DII)

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