RHI's Pacific Division was formed in 1994 as part of the Western Conference in a league realignment, the predecessor of which was the Buss Division.

Division lineupsEdit


  • Anaheim Bullfrogs
  • Las Vegas Flash
  • Los Angeles Blades
  • Oakland Skates
  • San Diego Barracudas
  • San Jose Rhinos

Changes from the 1993 seasonEdit

  • The Pacific Division is formed as a result of RHI expansion and realignment
  • The Anaheim Bullfrogs, Los Angeles Blades, Oakland Skates, and San Diego Barracudas came from the Buss Division
  • The Utah Rollerbees, who came from the King Division, relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and became the Las Vegas Flash
  • The San Jose Rhinos were added as an expansion


  • Anaheim Bullfrogs
  • Los Angeles Blades
  • Oklahoma Coyotes
  • Phoenix Cobras
  • San Diego Barracudas

Changes from the 1994 seasonEdit

  • The Las Vegas Flash folded
  • The Oakland Skates and San Jose Rhinos moved to the Northwest Division
  • The Atlanta Fire Ants, who came from the Central Division, relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and became the Oklahoma Coyotes
  • The Phoenix Cobras came from the Northwest Division


  • Anaheim Bullfrogs
  • Denver Daredevils
  • Los Angeles Blades
  • Oklahoma Coyotes
  • San Diego Barracudas

Changes from the 1995 seasonEdit

  • The Phoenix Cobras, who moved to the Atlantic Division, relocated to Glens Falls, New York and became the Empire State Cobras
  • The Denver Daredevils were added as an expansion team

Division ChampionsEdit

Stanley Cup winners producedEdit

  • None

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