ASD Novi Hockey
Founded 1995
Home Arena Pattinodromo Comunale di viale Pinan Cichero
City Novi Ligure
Colors red and black

The Novi Hockey is an Italian professional inline hockey team based in Novi Ligure. The team plays in the highest Italian inline league.

Current rosterEdit

# Ruolo Naz. Nome e Cognome
0 Portiere Flag of Italy [[]]
1 Portiere Flag of Italy [[]]
26 Portiere Flag of Italy [[]]
0 Difensore Flag of Italy [[]]
19 Difensore Flag of Italy [[]]
32 Difensore Flag of Italy [[]]
64 Difensore Flag of Italy [[]]
74 Difensore Flag of Italy [[]]
90 Difensore Flag of Italy [[]]
0 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]
8 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]
11 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]
13 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]
20 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]
34 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]
66 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]
99 Attaccante Flag of Italy [[]]

Staff tecnicoEdit

Allenatore:Flag of Italy [[]]
Attrezzista:Flag of Italy [[]]
Meccanico:Flag of Italy [[]]
Medico:Flag of Italy [[]]

Hall of fameEdit

Giocatori famosiEdit

Cronistoria in-lineEdit

Serie A1 (2013-14 season)
Serie A1

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Coppa Italia | Supercoppa italiana

Nazionale italiana

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