Template:Infobox sports season The 2009–10 PIHA season is the 9th season of the Professional Inline Hockey Association. It began on October 10, 2009, and ran through January 17, 2010. The Founders Cup playoffs ended on February 20, with the Colorado Springs Thunder taking their second straight championship by defeating the New Jersey Grizzlies four games to none.

Regular seasonEdit

The first goal of the season was scored by Robbie Fulton of the New Jersey Grizzlies in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania against the Harrisburg Lunatics.


GP = Games Played, W = Wins, L = Losses, OTL = Overtime/Shootout Losses, GF = Goals For, GA = Goals Against, Pts = Points.

Eastern ConferenceEdit

Template:2009–10 PIHA Atlantic Division standings

Western ConferenceEdit

Template:2009–10 PIHA Rocky Mountain Division standings

Tiebreaking proceduresEdit

In the event of a tie in points in the standings at the end of the season, ties are broken using the following tiebreaking procedures. The higher ranked team is the one with:

  1. The greater number of games won.
  2. The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs.
  3. The greater differential between goals for and against for the entire regular season.

Statistical leadersEdit

Scoring leadersEdit

GP = Games played; G = Goals; A = Assists; Pts = Points; Star = Star Points; PIM = Penalty Minutes

Player Team GP G A Pts Star PIM
Template:Country data USA Brian Yingling Colorado Springs Thunder 22 31 26 57 31 14
Template:Country data USA Robbie Fulton New Jersey Grizzlies 22 20 30 50 26 46
Template:Country data USA John Healy Suffolk Sting 24 22 26 48 30 8
Template:Country data USA CJ Yoder Colorado Springs Thunder 22 18 30 48 25 8
Template:Country data USA Greg Thompson Suffolk Sting 24 25 21 46 29 6
Template:Country data USA Jami Yoder Colorado Springs Thunder 19 18 19 14 26
Template:Country data USA Ryan Carey Suffolk Sting 24 17 19 36 18 8
Template:Country data USA James Manganaro New Jersey Grizzlies 24 13 23 36 10 17
Template:Country data USA Nathan Seader Lakewood Fire 24 19 15 34 21 18
Template:Country data USA Matt Turner Lakewood Fire 24 16 18 34 16 6

Leading goaltendersEdit

GP = Games Played; MIN = Minutes; W = Wins; L = Losses; OT = Overtime/Shootout Losses; GA = Goals Against; SO = Shutouts; Sv% = Save Percentage; GAA = Goals Against Average

Player Team GP MIN W L GA SO Sv% GAA



Playoff seedsEdit

After the regular season, 8 teams qualified for the playoffs. The Suffolk Sting were the Eastern Conference regular season champions and were also the Best Overall Record Trophy winners with 45 points. The Colorado Springs Thunder earned the Western Conference regular season crown with 34 points.

Eastern ConferenceEdit

  1. Suffolk StingAtlantic Division and Eastern Conference regular season champion; Best Overall Record Trophy winner, 45 points
  2. New Jersey Grizzlies – 33 points
  3. Harrisburg Lunatics – 30 points
  4. Marple Gladiators – 17 points

Western ConferenceEdit

  1. Colorado Springs ThunderRocky Mountain Division and Western Conference regular season champion, 34 points
  2. Parker Prowlers – 29 points
  3. Lakewood Fire – 27 points
  4. Fort Collins Catz – 26 points

Playoff bracketEdit

Template:2010 PIHA Founders Cup Playoffs bracket

PIHA awardsEdit

Template:Empty section

See alsoEdit

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